Why Use SM Texting Platform?

Grow your business

If you have an upcoming sale or special offer, promote your products via MMS messages and increase sales. With over 98% open rate, you can be sure your promotion will be seen.

Send Appointment Reminders

Reduce no shows in your upcoming events or appointments by texting Appointment confirmation messages to your clients & keep track on who is coming and who is not. 

Use Keywords

Drive loyalty with unique keywords. A customer can text a given keyword or coupon code that you have setup and they will get back pre-defined response message automatically.

Cost Effective

Eliminate the use of expensive direct mail and save. Over a third of consumers have opted to receive text messages, hence this can be the most cost effective method.

Send MMS

More than 90% of smartphones have the capacity to receive images, hence if you want to market your new products do it through colorful and fun picture messages

Texting Prefered over voice

Most consumers prefer to get text messages over phone calls. Communicate with customers the way they prefer. Most calls from businesses go unanswered, but texts are seen.